• I always get scared when I play this album because of the amount of static present in the tracks. It's an artistic expression, especially considering the production / how it was produced, and it isn't a problem. At first I thought the master and pressing was bad due to this, but I soon realized the dynamics and actual quality of the pressing. https://ringtonesnoise.com/ I have my subwoofer set to 30hz (way below what normal bass and kick drums are at) and this thing rocks it. I get elements coming out of this pressing that I've never heard in another.Dope album. I love the short nature of the songs as you don't get stuck listening to a beat you don't like for less than two minutes. Not like that's a problem, as all the beats by Madlib are awesome in the use of jazz records and cartoon samples along with a myriad of other noises that give the record a grimey and imaginative feeling to it. MF DOOM never ceases to amaze me with his rhyming and the content of his lyrics, and while he uses a similar flow on almost every song, you never get tired of it. In fact, it's really relaxing at some points. This is an album I can listen to all the way through without skipping a song (...well maybe Hardcore Hustle...) which is why I got it on vinyl. Nothing fancy about it; it gives you the record so no complaints. Listen to Figaro if you're deciding whether to buy it or not, but I love this album!
    Sounds really, really, bad. Overwhelming static. Double LP jammed into a single sleeve. Either the label is off center or the spindle hole is. Had to return the first one I got because Amazon shipped in a box that was too big and it arrived damaged. Replacement was sent jammed into a box too small and arrived with bent corner and minor damage in other areas. Very disappointing. One of my favorite albums.

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  • This is perhaps his best Cd. He delivers his classic rapid-fire lyrics without any consequences. Most if not all his songs are good. He's demonstrating metaphoric soliloquies. The songs are entertaining and don't lack creativity. If you ask me,this Cd will go down in history as a classic!  Download free mp3 ringtones for Android
    I have listened to this Album basically nonstop on YouTube since it came out. I have an older car so I bought the CD to listen to while I drive. #1 It is missing 4L. WHY?! This is one of the HARDEST songs on the whole album. #2 J Cole's verse is cut from A Lot. I am not sure what else is missing bc I just got it, but I am bummed. I was looking forward to jamming to 4L in my car :(
    The album itself is sooo good, but the CD let me down.

    I recently picked up the vinyl and I noticed that the last chorus in 'a lot' skipped. Maybe about 4-8 lines were skipped. So, I refunded it and got a new copy and it had the exact same issue. Sides B, C, and D do not have this issue, nor do any of my other records. Unacceptable. However, everything else is fine.


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  • Apagar las estrellas y extinguir el sol, es el capricho de la razon, 1) Al caer la noche tomar‚ el avi¢n, si la luna es el pasado. si la luna es el pasado. Ahora es nunca, todo es nada... si no descanso en tu mirada. {Em} {G} {A} {Em} {C5} {B5} {Em} {G} {A} {Em} {C5} {B5} 1) Algunas cosas, me dejaste ver, algunas cosas, me escucho. Lo suficiente para comprender, el poder de los deseos. 2) Y ahora es nunca, todo es nada, si no descanso en tu mirada. {Em} {G} {A} {Em} {C5} {B5} {Em} {G} {A} {Em} {C5} {B5} 2) https://www.spotify.com Ahora es nunca, todo es nada, si no descanso en tu mirada. [{Asus4/E} {A/E} - {Asus2/E} {Asus4/E} {A/E}] x4 Espero que levante un poco la calificación.... saludos para Laureano que subió los acordes y para todos los que le seguimos haciendo el aguante al "Mas Grande", a Gustavo Cerati!!!!...ringtonesnoise.com

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